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Wagyu Top Sirloin

Wagyu Top Sirloin

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Check out our cooking instructions page for great tips and recipes!

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Cooking Instructions
Burger Nutritional Information
Slider Nutritional Information
Hotdog Nutritional Information



Cooking Instructions Burgers & Sliders:

Place the Sakura burger on a grill or skillet preheated to medium Wait until you see juices forming on top of the burger. Don’t press the burger with a spatula or juices will run out. Turn the burger and continue cooking until desired doneness. Our burgers are best when cooked to medium-well with a hot, slightly pink center. USDA suggested doneness for ground beef is 160°F, little to no pink. Be careful to not overcook or product may become dry.

Cooking Instructions Hot Dogs:

Grill Method Start your grill and set it to medium-high Once up to temperature, place your Kobe hot dogs on the grill When you hot dogs start to brown, rotate them a quarter of a turn. Continue until the hot dog develops a nice brown color with dark brown grill marks. Suggested doneness internal temperature of hot dogs is 150°F.

Cooking Instructions Steaks:

Due to the nature of these highly-marbled steaks, it is best to not use extremely high heat when pan searing or grilling. We recommend cooking our Wagyu steaks rare to medium-rare over medium-high heat. Overcooking can melt the marbling and cause the steak to become dry and chewy. Season with sea salt and pepper prior to grilling or pan searing.

*All products shipped frozen and are raw unless otherwise noted.

Why it’s Great:

Marbled Flavor

Taste the Kobe difference with juicy, buttery flavor in every bite


Fresh from farm to table with no added hormones

Sustainably Raised

Holistically raised on a vegetarian diet
in a stress-free environment